Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Contest Two - Coffee and Yarn Reviews

My sister moved to Brooklyn, NY a few years ago. While exploring her neighborhood on my run across the Brooklyn Bridge, I stumbled upon Damico's. My motto is the greasier and darker the bean, the better the coffee. To this date, nothing has compared to the taste of Damico's Sumatra blend. Bold, strong, and the smell is divine! The shop is family owned and the coffee has been rated the best coffee in NYC. Sadly, my sister moved away but thanks to the internets, I can still capture that smell and taste!

Yarn? I like a good handpaint and natural fibers. My world today is all about the superwash - thanks to two toddlers. My tried and trues are Cascade Superwash, Dream In Color, and Lorna Laces Shepard- great saturation in the colors, good stitch definition and HELLO WASHABLE!

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