Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gorgeousness from Virginia

Thank you, Julie!!! I really wish you could smell the coffee that Julie sent which I opened this morning. It smells and tastes incredible!! The coffee is named after a favourite teacher in the town.

What a wonderful package: beautiful handpainted Cascade sock yarn which I've never tried before; Junior Mints (there may not be very many left now); Mini Eggs which we're going to taste test with the British ones; beloved wonderful Bugles; a gorgeous mug from Washington and Lee University which I drank my coffee out of this morning.

It all came in this amazing coffee bag which Julie had made herself out of recycled coffee bags - complete with little stitch markers.

Thank you so much Julie! Also, thanks to Eva who is our swap partner in Norway (hopefully she will get hers soon since I mailed it about 10 days ago!) Thanks also to our hostesses for organizing the swap. I'm so lucky!!!!

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