Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Contest #2-Coffee & Yarn Reviews

While my favorite coffee is from Mill Mountain our local coffee shop, it wasn't convenient for me to snap a photo of that today, so the second best will have to do for this review!
Starbucks Raspberry Mocha (and yes, I love the whipped cream)! There's nothing better, than the choco/raspberry combination, whether it be in desserts, fruit and chocolate, or the flavored coffee. (I'm very lucky that Mill Mountain has chocolate raspberry beans that I buy to perk my own at home - but the Starbucks is a dessert treat when I'm feeling low).

As for a favorite yarn, if you're a sock knitter, you simply can't beat Blue Moon's Socks That Rock. The very tightly twisted yarn is squishy to knit (it does, occasionally, curl up on you as you knit, but that's okay) and warm and durable on the foot. The colors? Oh my. Tina is a goddess when it comes to dreaming them up and putting them on the yarn. I think I need to win the lottery to have as many as I'd like. This in the photo is a Raven colorway, Korrpi, with a touch of blues and violet in the black (and that's Feather & Fan lace in the cuff). I do find with the dark yarns that there's a bit of bleeding of the color onto my fingers as I knit, but a soak in white vinegar water before wearing helps take care of that. It does wash off your fingers, with soap!

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