Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Coffee and Yarn Review - Contest #2

1. Coffee review ~ mmmm... my most recent favorite was the Trader Joe's Wintry Blend. I haven't had any since last winter as it is a seasonal product, but this winter I bought another can of it to be able to savor once the baby is here. It's not something I can drink every day or it would get old tasting... It's described on the can as medium dark roast, smooth, spirited, lively. What I like about it is that it is beans with spices actually mixed in, including cinnamon, cloves, green and red peppercorns. This way, when I grind the beans I am actually grinding the spices in as well.

Unlike other flavored coffees this enables the flavoring to be fresh and right from the spice itself. This coffee, made in my French Press, and served with half and half was enjoyed 2-3 times a week with my regular Breakfast Blend alternated on the other days. If you like the smell of fresh baked goods with your coffee, then this is a great choice. Unfortunately, unless you live near a Trader Joes, this is unavailable - but it is probably pretty easy to replicate with you favorite bean - if you add some cinnamon stick,cloves and peppercorns to them as you grind - not too much or it will be overpowering, but a small amount will do fine! Sorry there's no picture - I haven't made any coffee in awhile, but one of my favorite mugs is in my picture from contest #1.

2. Yarn review ~ I do not have one favorite yarn - let's be realistic - does anyone? I have a fave cotton (Manos del Uruguay Cotton Stria) three fave acrylics (Caron Simply Soft, Lion Wool-Ease and Dark Horse Fantasy) (I make a lot of baby stuff - all needing to be machine washable...) and it all depends on the application as to which wool or wool blend, or silk or silk blend that is the "right" choice...

HOWEVER.... I recently finished a hat for myself which in an unbelievable soft delicious silk and alpaca blend... Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK Sadly I think it may be discontinued, however, I had more than enough for my hat and it was a beautiful experience to knit with. It shed a little, but not too much and seems to be done shedding now that I am done knitting... and I will always remember this yarn... Of course, the fact that it was my first project cabling could also have something to do with it!

The yarn itself seems to be loosely plied together, so I had to be a little careful not to split it, but it was so soft to work with and my hands didn't need extra moisturizer after knitting, so that was a plus! Anyway, if you have a chance to use this yarn, I say, go for it!

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Jodi said...

That's a very cute hat, and the TJ's Wintry Blend coffee sounds delicious!

I'm about 3/4 done with a Liesl Sweater out of DB Alpaca Silk Aran, and I agree that it's lovely but a bit loosely spun. I'm allergic to alpaca, unfortunately, so the sweater's destined for my mum.