Thursday, February 05, 2009

My Contest #1

Here's my fave past time. Knitting and coffee. As I'm sure there's many of us who like the same.
I'm currently in the process of knitting a felted tote. It's a free pattern with the purchase of yarn at the LYS. It's a great tote, I love it. I made one for myself a while back. My SIL saw it and want one too. The one i'm working on though is one for her mom. It's a surprise though so I have to keep it on the down low.
Well I'd better get back to my knitting and coffee.


rachelb said...

yay - I was starting to get lonely here!

Gretchen said...

Great looking bag! I love the color combinations!

Petronella said...

Your coffee looks delicious, and I like the colour of your tote :-)