Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Contest #2 Coffee and Yarn Review

My favorite coffee these days is Carrabassett Coffee, and my daily grind is the Rooster Roast, though I like many of their coffees. Why? Mostly because it tastes great. But also because it is locally roasted. They sell many coffees that are MOFGA certified and Fair Trade. And they sell tea. And they have fabulous customer service!

For some reason I thought the contest details wanted a pic with the project in progress, so here it is...

I usually order about 8 pounds of coffee at a time for myself! And several pounds for other people!

The mug is from my potter friend Robbie at Maple Lane Farms. This is actually a failure, because the green glaze flashed up on the sheep, but I like it very much!

These butt-ugly swatches became cat toys, a la Monty pattern from Berroco. But they are not made with anything close to my favorite yarn!

While I can speak definitively on the coffee, I cannot on the yarn! I like so much of it, and for various reasons... color, fiber, feel, even smell. One you may not know, that is local and I like very much, is Friends Blendz from Friends Folly Farm in Monmouth, Maine.

Ack, my computer crashed in October, and the pics I have of that yarn are not on this machine...

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