Thursday, February 19, 2009

Contest #2

1. Coffee review ~
My fave coffee varies with my mood. Luckily, I live in the Seattle area and have lots of choices when it comes to buying from a local coffee shop. Caffe Ladro (which means "coffee thief" in Spanish) is one of my go-to places for great coffee that is organic, fair-trade and shade grown. Their "Diablo" blend is the one I usually go for, as it is their equivalent of a French roast. I love dark, oily coffee beans, because I love bold, strong coffee, especially that first sip you take in the morning.. mmmMMmMmM :)
Here's a photo of another fave coffee cup and saucer that I use on the weekends. I love that it has cute little bees buzzing around the cup. I seem to have an affinity for bees and I don't quite know where it came from :)
2. Yarn review ~ It really is hard to just choose one yarn as my favorite, but one of my many faves is Plymouth Yarn's Suri Merino yarn. It's an alpaca/merino blend and gives your knit items a nice, soft sheen. It's wonderful to knit with if you're looking for something soft with a little sheen and not too heavy. You can almost say it's "feathery" :) I received this yarn in a swap package and that's where I found out about this yarn. This past Christmas, I knit all the men in my family a hat (hat pictured below) using this yarn and let me tell you these babies keep your head WARM! In fact, almost too warm at times :)
Thanks for another fun contest! Love hearing about everyone's fave coffee and yarn!

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