Friday, June 15, 2007

My Parcel arrived!!!

Wow I have been so so spoiled, Kathy thank you so so so much!! I recieved a very heavy feeling box today which I tore open ;)

inside was a fantastic box of delights, The coffee is called Highland grogg which I think is just an amazing name I love it....will I ever want to drink it or just keep it forever ;) four biscotti which I am sure wont last long, a scented soy candle which smells amazing I need to see if I can buy these over here, a pretty flower and a GORGEOUS sock yarn the colours are fantastic, also a journal which I think I will use to keep note of my yarn colour recipes!! Also two skiens of the prettiest handspun (by my swap partner) yarn in a denimy mix, again so so me

Kathy thank you so so much xxxx

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