Sunday, June 03, 2007

Swap loot!

I got my swap loot from my partner, Dandy (Vicki), the other day, and such a wonderful package it was! Two kinds of coffee- Kona and Coconut Cream (shared and much appreciated!), some melon-mint gum, a sheepy pad and pen, a quickly devoured Toblerone bar, a neat set of fairy notecards/ papers, a nice, heavy-weight coffee mug, some pretty in pink stitchmarkers ... all great stuff!
But, the yarn? Truly lovely! A small, handspun, Kool-Aid dyed skein that is a rainbow delight, and a wonderful, huge skein of coffee with cream-colored yarn, that is soft and lovely! That has been earmarked for something challenging and pretty just for me! Thanks so much Vicki!


Allena said...

that is awesome! i've always wanted to try kona coffee!

Dandy said...

Your So Welcome Gretchen, I'm glad it made it to you safe and sound... enjoy!