Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Awesome Coffee Swap Packaged has Arrived - Yay!!!

O.K. don't get too jealous now.... My most wonderful Coffee Swap partner Laurie sent me all these fabulous goodies:

2 Lbs of Coffee: Kona and Day Break Roast from Pure Origin! This java is absolutely fabulous! I've had the pleasure of sipping a hot cup of this Joe since Saturday afternoon (when I first ripped into the Kona). So every morning this past week I've been starting my daily routine with a smile and a nice coffee high that keeps me moving along til noon:) Very smooth stuff...
Also included: A beautiful coffee mug from Starbucks - with a Coffee Bean on it --very appropriate, some delicious Nonni Biscotti and Chocolate Moons, a very cool "M" intialed book marker (currently holding my place in the Fitted Knits book), A white chocolate rose, some Ghiradelli espresso chocolate, some hand cream packets and get this: TWO kinds of yarn!!!

Some gorgeous sport weight Claudia Handpainted sock yarn in the Santa Fe color (chocolate brown and navy)

and some Sephyr Wool - Silk in a beautiful Basil color.

More details on the proper reception the package received on my blog.

I'm still feeling pretty spoiled --with that warm and fuzzy coffee feeling:) Thank you Laurie you Rock Sister! and Thank you so much KnitttyMama for hosting such a wonderful swap! One of the best I've participated in!!!

Oh and check this out - A personalized card!

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