Saturday, June 09, 2007

Contest #3

As I thought through a coffee-themed sweater, the color and the pattern became the beans, the yarn-weight morphed into the water and the foam rose to the top--I wanted a sweater to wear while I drank my coffee and knit. I wanted it to capture the essence of the most blissful moment of my day. I wanted the calm, gentle, soothing sensation to be available to me in places neither coffee, nor knitting friendly.

I would knit my sweater out of Twisted Sisters "Zazu", a hand-dyed, fingering weight merino wool. When I fondled it at my LYS, it was all over for me. Its soft hand reminiscent of the sleepy warmth of my bed and the smooth blend of color evoked thoughts of my favorite earthenware coffee cup. Tactile--check. When I found these colors, the visual clicked.
On the right is "Mink", a rich dark roast to replace the black. On the far right is "Corriander" from the lower half of the blurry INSPIRATION pic at the top. The creamy natural (not pictured) would stay the same as the original.

It would become a fantastic, wear always and forever, mitered jacket by Marianne Isager.

Enter that imp we call Practicality. Pointy lapels. Hmmm. Where do they point? Perhaps not. "Upgrade" the pattern. Nope. Comfy, not dressy. T-shirt, blue jeans and barefoot--who cares where the lapels point anyway. The leftovers would become Enterloc socks.

And fantasy has blurred into reality. I'm swatching the "Corriander" Zazu and "Natural" Gems Pearl. The "Mink" has been ordered. I'll probably finish it for KCS IV. :b


laurie said...

love the mitered jacket...which book of marianne's did it come from? knitting peoples wants to know....

Knit Me said...

Whoops! My apolologies

"Knitting of out Africa", pg 44 & 45. This is the best picture of the lapels that point at one's knitterly 'ampleness'. Ms. Isager has also written "Knitting with Latin American Inspiration". She does have her own website but my Danish is, well, non-existant.