Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wow! It's finally here!

I got home and found a package waiting for me on the doorstep! It's *frightfully* hot here in California this week (too hot for coffee, unless it's iced) and this was a pleasant surprise after enduring the ride home.

I won't list out all the wonderful things that came in the package ... you'll just have to come over to my blog to see all the wonderful things that Jenni sent to me. The heat had it's way with some chocolate - but I'm sure it'll still be delicious.

Thanks knittymama and enjoy Estes Park!

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mummymakesphotos said...

I'm so relieved it's arrived, phew, my faith in the postal service is restored! So glad you liked it and hope you enjoy it all!

Thank you Knittymama, what a wonderful swap you have hosted, my first and I hope not the last.