Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wrapping it up...

Wow, hard to believe our swap time is coming to an end! I'm loving the beautiful packages everyone is showing off. This has been a great swap...I haven't had one complaint about missing partners or packages, hope it keeps up!! If you haven't posted about your package, please do so either on this blog or your own. It's a nice way to acknowledge your swap partner and give 'em a little shout out.

Now for some business:

As of today, you should have received your swap package. Delays are understandable, but please let your swap partner know if you're running behind and let them know the ETA. If for some reason your partner has gone missing on you, please e-mail me asap.

Contest Number Three is now closed. You guys did a fabulous job sharing yarns and patterns. I've got a bunch of new ones on my "to knit" list now! The winners should be announced later on this week.

I will be offline starting this Thursday for awhile, as I'm off to Estes (anyone else going?) I'll be getting back to e-mails later on in the month.


AllyB said...
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AllyB said...

Take 2: Thank you so much for a great experience! You have certainly broadened the horizons of my life. Never thought I'd be blogging but it is so much fun! You shouldn't underestimate your power to influence others with your actions, something so seemingly simple as a swap can change a person's life forever. Best to you at Estes.