Friday, May 25, 2007

London Goodies

Thank you, thank you, my dear coffee-drinking, caffeine-addicted, across-the-Atlantic friend for the package! The picture doesn't do it justice. Such good wonderful items I have received! I love this swap. I love coffee. With the American three-day weekend coming up, I can't wait to start on, tee-hee, yet another project with my new yarn. Maybe the caffeine will, probably not. I will still have a number of projects scattered throughout my house and life to finish up, but why would that wool just sit there when it could become some jazzed-up socks on my feet? Rhetorical question. Check out my blog for more details of the package.

1 comment:

Tournesol said...

I'm glad you got it and liked everything! I was so worried it would get lost on it's was to you.