Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I think my package to my pal, lovely & sweet Jenn, may have been picked up by someone or the P.O.
This is just a post to make fair warning about getting the insurance and confirmation options from the USPS.
I really am thinking her package was swiped somehow. I get the I & C and this is the one stupid time I decided to not push for it ( I would like to blame the screaming munchkin on my arms, but that is irresponsible and not fair to the screaming munchkin).
So please - spend the extra time! ACK!
I am giving it one more day ( it has been almost two weeks on a two-day package ) and I am going to make her package all over again....< sigh >

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Pheelya said...

So sorry to hear that!! I'll keep my fingers crossed that it shows up!