Tuesday, May 22, 2007

mmmmmmm coffay!

Jenn! Your package came. It is AWESOME!!!
The chocolate is gone, the biscotti are amazing! I think I am going to make some leggings for Oscar out of the yarn - red-orange will look good with his shorts, and if he gets hot it is an easy change. The coffee is yummy! I made a pot of the Farmers Market. Yum! I have to check with Clinton, but I think we may have stopped in fayetteville on our last trip across country..But it may have been West Virginia.
The book is not only beautiful, it is really really nice with all the pens I have. Oscar became jealous though. I had to let him have some doodle time with some crayons. It will make the doodles more interesting when I get to the pages he managed to get to.
Sporadic an artist is he and he doesnt like a dirty page.

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Jenn said...

Awesome. Glad it came in safe and sound! Enjoy the goodies :)