Saturday, May 26, 2007

Contest #3

So here's my pick for favorite "coffee" colored yarn. Oh Yea! Can't you just smell a fresh pot brewing??? A little flavored cream & you are good to go!
Oh boy, do I *heart* Rowan Yarns. This is Rowan's silk wool Dk #308 in Brownstone. Don'tch just want to lick it??? (I know I do!) Isn't that the snuggliest sweater ever???? I can see this going out on the town (Love how the ribbing adds structure & fit) or curling up w/your most comfortable jammies. (fuzzy bunny slippers are optional) ** Very yummy design. Find it here.

Knittymama for all the fun and I'm soooo looking forward to the NEXT???? swap! I have made another fabulous Knitting Friend - Mandie!!! woot woot - What a wonderful exchange. Thanks again.


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laurie said...

The pattern is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!