Saturday, May 12, 2007

Contest #2 - Still Life With Coffee and Yarn

I was trying to organize my yarn stash when I came up with the idea for this picture. I love this yarn; it's Cascade's "The Heathers". The different brown tones in the yarn reminded me of coffee, so I threw it in the coffee pot, added my favorite mug, and some knitting I've been working on (the flower is the camellia from Noni Design).

I guess I should name the photo, "Things to do With a Broken Coffee Pot." Can you see the crack on the bottom? So sad.

Have a great weekend! *Natalie*


Rubys & Purls said...

This is a really cool picture, but I want to know how you were able to keep the coffee pot suspended in mid air! LOL Great job!

hapagirl said...

Thanks! I put fishing line through the handle and tied it to the chandelier above my dining room table. Obviously I had too much time on my hands that day!