Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I got my package already!!!

My partner and I have exchanged emails but I haven't gotten her package together yet - well I better get my butt in gear!

Just look at all the goodies LaVerna sent me!!!! Please click on the photos to get a better idea of just how gracious she was with her package! There is over 600m of beautiful yarn!!! There is a coffee mug, an inspirational book, a dishcloth with Texas on it (I was a little slow seeing that one!) , stitch-markers, a really cool pattern!, oh yes Coffee - 3 different kinds to be exact, note cards, biscotti, & piroulines! I don't think I left anything out, but did I mention the yarn!

This is the nicest stuff I have ever seen and definitely have ever owned! WOW! LaVerna, I just don't see how I am going to even come close to this for you, but you can bet I am gonna try! Thank you so much for such a wonderful package! Hubby and I will most definitely enjoy the coffee and I am gonna enjoy the rest of the loot! Knitters Coffee Swap 2 Package

1. Beautiful Yarn, 2. 3 bundles of yarn, 3. Yarn P Friday, 4. Oh it's Texas!, 5. Another shot of the Loot, 6. The Loot, 7. 3 Bundles of Yarn, 8. Jane pattern, 9. Yarn & Coffee, 10. Coffee with Lotion, 11. Yarn with Jane Pattern, 12. Look at this yarn!!!, 13. Stitch Markers, for me?, 14. Texas Washcloth, 15. Back of the Coffee-mug, 16. A Coffee-mug, 17. An Inspirational Book, 18. Up Next?, 19. Note-cards & Coffee Samples, 20. Pirouline Yeah, 21. A Hat Box!, 22. Biscotti Yeah, 23. 1st Glimpse Inside, 24. KCS Box

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Cheryl said...

Yea for you Monica!! You deserve to be spoiled...enjoy your wonderful goodies...