Thursday, December 14, 2006


Iva, Iva,Iva, you have out done yourself! Oh my, I just do not have the adjectives to give this the proper praise. This , of course, was above and beyond what I ever expected in a swap with someone I did'nt even know! We got the cookies, the coffee( two different kinds ) a teenie tiny knitting book that informed me that the moss stitch is also known as the huckaback stitch, who knew? Oh, and yarn, two tropical bright happy colors to transform into happy socks when the darkness of January comes to the Dakotas. But the gift that stopped me in my tracks was a small, maybe an afterthought thing that was tossed in, a CHIBI. Now its crazy but I've wanted and sure meant to buy this handy little tool that I'm sure every knitter has in her bag, but I never did. I was even looking at it in patternworks catalog thinking I need to get one. And low and behold, here it is in my hand! WEIRD, how did Iva know???!!!! I hear the music from the X-Files playing in the background...... Thank you Iva, I loved everything. This swap has been so marvelous,fabulous,spectacular,prime and superb( I'm looking at a thesaurus) Oh, I almost forgot, I got my prize yarn from Knittymama and is sooo cool, I see hat in my future! Thanks mama, I raise a chocolate cookie to you! Cheers!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy! Yes I did put the CHIBI in at the last minute. I bought one for myself and in my ususal fashion, I buy two of most things. I thought you might have one but then again we always can use more than two...right? I have knitted with the German yarn, but not the other. When you get your projects done make sure you let me know! Enjoy all the goodies and the other items!