Thursday, December 14, 2006


I am so relieved!! I got word a couple of days ago from my swap partner "Gigiknits" that she received her parcel that I sent! I was worried because first of all I procrastinated and didn't get it sent out early enough and Canada Post was telling me it would take 10 business days to get to her (not even a whole day's drive away, but across the border, so I guess that makes a difference!) and then to top of my woes, a friend of mine had told me she'd heard that some people have trouble shipping things like food goods and yarns across to the States. BAH! I was having fits of "what if? what if?" But (sigh) she got it (not too late - only three days past the deadline) and it sounds like she was pleased. Next time I do a swap, I vow not to procrastinate! Silly thing is I had everything gathered up in plenty of time, just couldn't seem to get myself off to the post office.

Thanks, Knittymama for hosting my first ever swap! It's been so much fun, and I look forward to the next one!!


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