Saturday, December 30, 2006

Got your package?

Well, I've been crusing blogs and keeping my eye out here, and it looks like everyone has either received their package or it is en route (I know those international ones can take awhile!). I'm so glad to see how much everyone has enjoyed themselves and the beautiful packages you've all received.

I know it's probably been a hectic month for us all; hopefully your gift knitting is done and you can enjoy your coffee and knit something for yourself now! If you haven't taken the time to post and thank your swap partner, please be sure to show her how much you appreciate her package by posting pics and a big "thank you." It's always a bummer to work hard putting a package together and not hearing much about it. Plus, it's fun to show off your new stuff!!

One boring thing on the big Blogger switch: Does anyone know how that works with group blogs such as this? I want to switch mine over but don't want to mess things up for everyone else. Any ideas?

Edited to add: Okay I found out that once I switch, you guys will need to switch as well to post to this blog (it looks like Blogger will switch everyone eventually anyway). So, I'll be switching over Sunday night; if you want to post aftter that you'll need to make the switch!

I'm looking forward to Coffee Swap Two this spring!!!


Anonymous said...

The switch is very simple. still don't really get whats sooooooo

If Erin does not receive her package by the end of this week,
I will have to see if we can track

Marisol said...

Hey this swap seemed to be a good one and one tha I regret not joining. I will keep my eyes open for round II.

Happy new year