Monday, October 30, 2006

Just trying to post for the first time!

Since getting the instructions on how to do this I thought I'd give it a try and while I'm at it tell you my favourite coffee memories. You might have noticed my comment regarding Mexican coffee already so I won't talk about that one again, but I do have a few other moments! I never used to drink coffee at all! I was a "tea granny" through and through, but my first introduction to coffee was when I was 18 and my then boyfriend, (became husband, now ex but that's another story for another day) and I went to Montreal to meet his family. We went for supper at his Greek aunt and uncle's house and after a fantastic meal his aunt put on the coffee. It was Turkish coffee thick, dark and sweet served in tiny little china cups that reminded me of my doll dishes that I'd had as a little girl. Trying to be polite and following the rule that my Mom had always taught me that when you're out to dinner you eat what is put in front of you, I drank the strong concoction right down to the bottom which had a layer of pasty grounds. No one had bothered to mention that you don't drink the "sludge!" After 15 years of marriage, I grew to become very fond of Turkish coffee even thought the first experience was somewhat gritty! I've become so fond of coffee over the years that when I was in Library school and taking a marketing course, when we had to create a display board for a project my group jumped on the idea of a coffee display. We set to work gluing coffee beans to cardboard for the border around the bulletin board, had all sorts of recipes and information and even glued individual coffee beans to the linen background we used! The morning that our project was due, we "unveiled" it in style. As people entered the classroom for cataloguing class that day we had the board done, and coffee brewing on a table in front of it! The room smelled wonderful for the duration that our board was up and we got top marks for it! (Some may have thought we were bribing the instructor with the coffee, but hey it tied in nicely and if it gave us extra points there's nothing wrong with that! Ha! Ha!). Well, it's snowing here in Manitoba today and I'm off to warm myself up with a nice hot cup of... you guessed it! Coffee!

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