Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blogger vs. Beta-Blogger

So I've gotten e-mails from a few people who can't seem to get their invite to work. Apparently Blogger and Beta-Blogger aren't compatible. I didn't even realize there was a Beta-Blogger until today. Anyone know the difference? Does Beta-Blogger eliminate all the typical Blogger messes that so many of us encounter? Or is it just another way for them to complicate blog-life?

If you are a Beta-Blogger, I can think of two suggesstions:

1. Let me know that you've gotten the invite. I'll then add your blog link to a special "Beta" section in the sidebar. You won't be able to post on our blog, but you can still comment and people can just visit your blog.

2. Just open a second regular old Blogger account and have full use of this blog.

You can still participate either way, just let me know what you wish to do.

If you know more about this or have any other suggestions, just let us know!


Anonymous said...

Okay, okay, I followed option #2 for participating in this blog. I have no idea why beta blogger is supposed to be so much better than regular blogger, but I now have two accounts! (Was my new profile link supposed to show up automatically in your "contributors" list or do I have to do something?)

Thanks again for getting this going, Knittymama! Very excited for the exchanges...

Fruity Sheep 2 said...

Made it! Had to create a new email and a new Blogger, but here I am!