Monday, November 06, 2006


What a great start this swap is off to! First, I want to thank Strange Little Mama for her lovely buttons and for solving my apostrophe dilemma:-) It's been bugging me since I started this blog. I feel better now. Plus, those buttons are so cute. Spread the word!

I am starting to match people up. You should know your partner by the end of the week. I'll have questions up here in a couple of days for you to start working on to help your partner put together the absolute best package ever.

Now for the contest: Grab your camera (and if you don't have a digital camera, get going with your creative writing skills) and show/tell us all about your favorite place to get a cup of coffee. I'll give you to December 1 and then pick a winner by random. I'll be taking pictures at my favorite coffee shop tomorrow, since I have to leave extra early since (gasp!) we are out of coffee and I can't brave kindergarteners without it.


Chris said...

Damn. My favorite coffee places are all in other cities, far away - Taos, Hill City SD, places like that.

kitkatknit said...

I have 4 regional favorites but no pictures. 1. May's Fresh Express in West Richland WA (my home town fav.) 2. Hope Espresso in Desert Aire WA (on the way to Seattle if you take the back roads) 3. Bauhaus Books and Coffee -301 E Pine (a small walk from Seattle U) 4. Uptown Espresso-7th & Virginia (Home of the Velvet Foam) when we are downtown Seattle

scappyhappy said...

My favorite coffee shop is a little shop along with a carwash. I discovered it when I went to have my car detailed. The shop is new along with the carwash, but when you go a surprise. It has the best coffee, pastries and sandwiches. The menu is very limited but the coffee choices are broad and wonderful. The inside has a leather couch, great comfortable chairs and tables. It has local artist's work hanging on the walls and a very pleasant staff. And if you are in a hurry, they have a drive through window! Best kept secret in town....but not for long, since I keep telling everyone about them. I believe they even sell their coffee.

Knittymama said...

Oooohhh, I'm envious! I never would have wished for a drive through for coffee until I had two kids, now there are days I'd do anything for one:-)