Friday, March 20, 2009

Thank you Frances

Here is a pic of my wonderful package. I got it last week. Sooo many wonderful things in it. Here they are:


The sock yarn is great. I love Socks that rock, but it isn't easy to get here. And than a skein from the Sock Club is much greater. And the little one is sooooo cute. The brownies have been yummy. Thank you again.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So much fun...

I just wanted to say what a wonderful time I had participating in this swap. I know there was some talk of this being the last one and I just wanted to say that I will do anything to make sure it is not the last. If the present organizers let me know I am willing to help with the next one. Thanks to my partner for  making this so wonderful. Also, has everyone received something? I am willing to help angel the coffee part for at least a few people who may not have received their swaps. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Last week I received the most amazing package... then life happened and the photos have been sitting on the card since then! Jodi
spoiled me rotten with both yarn and treats...first, the yarn... some for me, some that is "baby-friendly" and will become something most likely for Smush, or perhaps for the one on the way... we'll see what moves me! There's some Knitpicks Comfy, some gorgeous Malabrigo Silky in the color Caribeno, and some Mountaincolors handpainted yarn that is very very soft. I think the Malabrigo might have to become a hat for me...

and then there were the treats... lots of coffee from my fave coffee place in Chicago...The Coffee and Tea Exchange...yummy Trader Joes dark chocolate that has spicy peppers in it... so good! and some Dove chocolate that I've never tried, but since it's milk chocolate I better try it fast before hubby finds it! A brand new mug to drink the coffee in - it will make the first post-baby coffee even more special... and some matchstick herbs which I will try to grow w/ Smush... she likes watching the plants, so hopefully we will be lucky and get some yummy herbs as well...

Thank you again, Jodi, for totally spoiling me!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Package Recieved (a while ago actually...)

Between an extreme illness, no home internet access and confusion between my computer and cell phone...I have only now been able to synchronize the photos from the phone to the computer for your viewing enjoyment! So here it is, my swap package from Lisa!

This is what I saw when I opened the package, lots of color and texture. Boy was it fun to open all of those little packages!

This is what was in all of those little packages (and my bedspread :)
Here are a couple of my favorite little items:

A mug covered in sheep! Its a great big thing (holds 2 cups!) and I have been using it ever since I got it! (though not for coffee, as I gave that up for Lent)

A fun button! I am thinking some sort of shrug for the yarn and this button as the front closure. Right now I am thinking of a circular shrug with the green being the collar, then the red and yellow for the back part with an elephant and/or fleur de leis colorworking. Its not exactly what I want, but its getting really close!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Knittymama Rocks!

I was lucky enough to get swap host Knittymama for this round of the coffee swap - talk about getting spoiled! We both got our swap packages sent out a tad late and received ours on the same day too! I got home from a yucky Monday at work and found my package waiting for me yesterday. Here's a photo of all the goodies she sent me.More details on my blog. She really took the time to see what I liked and put together a wonderful package. Thank you again so much Becca!!!

My First Ever Knit Swap - A Blast!!!

Im so excited when I received my package from Heather. And she is so sweet to send me a lot of real yummy goodies. She is an angel that made my day by bringing me goodies that melted my heart. Here is the picture of her package.

She gave me the ff.
1. Coffee- Mind you so addicting..the roasted one is Superb darl
2. Chocolates- Nearly over..whaah!!! I love it! I am on a diet but I cant resist..tempting
3.buttons and beads- for a crafter like me I drool on such yummy items. What a sweet move!
4.magazine and printed patterns- this is my first Knit Mag,and Gee I got so much inspiration!!!

and of course, drum roll please!!!

5. Fabulous yarns- Heather thanks for giving me the best yarn..this is all that I could ask did you know?LOL!!!

I cant wait to knit again..Thanks again my dear Heather!!

P.S. Heather is the best swap partner! LOL!

Monday, March 02, 2009

A wonderful gift

Yeay, it really is fun to participate in the Knitters Coffee Swap 4 . I  have just recieved a wonderful gift from Samantha, which was filled with had a lot of good things and surprices:

  • A beautiful card filled with kind words and nice greetings which really touched me
  • 250 grams Columbian coffee beans, decaf
  • 250 grams of fairtrade Peru Decaf coffee Beens, from Waitrose Organic (I love both coffees allready)
  • A bag of locally hand-made chocolate confectionery (Yummy)
  • A pack of locally hand-made chocolate truffles (My husbond has eaten it all)..
  • A bag of home-made Cookies
  • 3 pcs of gorgeous looking stitchmarkers
  • A small notebook (for my secret knitting pattern sketches)
  • A couple Clover circular needles No. 3,00 mm
  • A great shawl pattern; Art Nouveau Triangular shawl of Violet Green
  • 100 gr Plato Hand-Dyed 100% Merino 2ply blue (Blues for Joseph) (A great colour for me)
  • And last but not least, a fun and great looking handmade bracelets of buttons. Both the color and style is well suited for me, so I will surely be wearing it very often

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thanks Samantha - I love your package, and have already started to knit the shawl.

If you want to, you can see detalied picktures of all the wonderful things i got from Samantha, Here.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Contest #1 prize

I got my prize for winning contest #1. It is a cute coffee bag and stitch markers (made by Sunneshine). Thank you for my prize and for hosting this swap!!!

Thanks CATHY!!!

It has taken me a day or two to get this posted, but Thursday when I got home after running errands, looky what I found waiting for me at the door!

I really think the post-it book is amazing. How did she know that half of my work spaces are covered in those sticky notes. I swear most of my life is either stuck to a wall in my house or on a desk somewhere!

Thank you so much Cathy!