Friday, July 06, 2007

Package Received From my Wonderful Partner

Cairi sent me this wonderful package well over a month ago! I sent her a personal "Thank You", but I have been in technology purgatory, so have not been able to post about it here or on my blog. Hopefully now, all is back as it should be and I can give her a proper public "Thank You" for my wonderful package of goodies!
She sent a package of local, Melrose Blend Coffee which I absolutely loved (yes, past tense--I drank it all!) She also sent a beautiful skein of sock yarn that she hand dyed, you can find her at and she has more beautiful sock yarns available there! Cairi also knit me a wonderfuly soft self-striping hat which I'm sure will find lots of use this winter, and a cute little wooden sheep she found in a local shop. The card has a beautiful flower, and there was also a set of needles that somehow didn't make it into the picture. Thanks so much Cairi for making this swap so much fun!!

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Lothlorian said...

ooh so cool to see the yarn at yur house heehee so glad you liked it sweetie xxxx