Monday, March 02, 2009

A wonderful gift

Yeay, it really is fun to participate in the Knitters Coffee Swap 4 . I  have just recieved a wonderful gift from Samantha, which was filled with had a lot of good things and surprices:

  • A beautiful card filled with kind words and nice greetings which really touched me
  • 250 grams Columbian coffee beans, decaf
  • 250 grams of fairtrade Peru Decaf coffee Beens, from Waitrose Organic (I love both coffees allready)
  • A bag of locally hand-made chocolate confectionery (Yummy)
  • A pack of locally hand-made chocolate truffles (My husbond has eaten it all)..
  • A bag of home-made Cookies
  • 3 pcs of gorgeous looking stitchmarkers
  • A small notebook (for my secret knitting pattern sketches)
  • A couple Clover circular needles No. 3,00 mm
  • A great shawl pattern; Art Nouveau Triangular shawl of Violet Green
  • 100 gr Plato Hand-Dyed 100% Merino 2ply blue (Blues for Joseph) (A great colour for me)
  • And last but not least, a fun and great looking handmade bracelets of buttons. Both the color and style is well suited for me, so I will surely be wearing it very often

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thanks Samantha - I love your package, and have already started to knit the shawl.

If you want to, you can see detalied picktures of all the wonderful things i got from Samantha, Here.

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