Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Hello from cold cold Winnipeg. Glad to be a part of this next round of the coffee swap.

I have been knitting for ages and ages and ages. Is that giving my age away? Me who will be turning the big 6-0 next week. LOL In fact I have been knitting since I can remember. I even remember knitting in school probably junior high and having to make a PILLBOX hat. My hat had those round flat shiny discs with a hole in them. What an awful hat it was. I learned even before I I had to make that hat in school and never have stopped knitting. So yes I have been knitting along time.

AND coffee I just love it. The aroma, the taste and the thought of a great cup of coffee.

I look forward to receiving my partner.

I see the questionnaire is on the blog and will be answering it shortly but now I have errands to do.

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