Saturday, January 27, 2007



I have been very bad as far as completing knitting projects. I am still on the same three that
I started last year.

Sometimes I misplace my needles / pattern/ wool. Then the holidays came and I found it too difficult to cope with all my visitors and knit. Then the new year arrived and I started a new

Well now the dust has settled a bit and I am determine to complete my baby's blanket and socks by the end the February.

Then I plan to to do squares for charity and knit a scarf or little pillow with the lovely wool I received in this swap.

Can any one tell me how many stitches would you cast on for a 5 X5 square - using baby wool and say 5mm needles?

The I wondered what would be best a scarf or a pillow? Winter starts in June for us, I have only one scarf that I used use for school.
And then what pattern would be good to use? (remember I am still a beginner)

VOTE ?????

Oh yes just to remind you of the wool I received.


Knittymama said...

I'd totally say a scarf, that would be beautiful.

For the blanket, I'd do a swatch for sure first. Cast on about 30 stitches, knit a few inches and measure it out. That way you'll get the perfect size!

Le Fleur said...


Guess now I have to find out is 5x5 in inches or cm :-)

I tried 20 stitches first makes a nice 10cm x10cm block.