Sunday, March 04, 2007

TAG, You are it !

Tag - ever played?

Well here is your chance - you are challenged to share your the
music that keeps you knitting.

Check my list out: simone's butterfly


landgirl said...

I'm still pretty new at knitting, so I have no music list. I am curious to hear what others have to say. Mostly my knitting takes place in between other things--sitting in the car while my husband runs in to do an errand, while sitting in the back of a meeting, or now convalescing with the old version of Little Lord Fauntleroy as background.

Le Fleur said...

I generally knit in front of the TV.
So I don't have feel like I am wasting my life in front of it.

Unfortunately I have not been watching too much TV which means I have been sitting with two unfinished knitting projects for 1 1/2 months.

But doing complicated sections to good music definitely helps - especially after frogging a section.

Faith said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, I finished my only ever knitting project about three days ago which was a fluffy scarf in turquioses and greens and bits of purple. i found the ufo on my stairs crying out to be done. When I desperately needed a break from everything else, it was just nice to sit and knit and knit. ive been listening to old tapes I got from the charity shop for about fifty pence each which has been Simple Minds and quite alot of HEART the female rock band from the 80s. i was so pleased to finish off this scarf, it was very me me, and nice to wear something round my neck when the weather gets cold. I can only do knit one pearl one and I learnt how to cast off. I had to run to my corner sandwich shop and ask if anyone there could kindly show me how to cast off. One lovely woman did and I cant thank her enough i now have a lovely scarf.