Monday, January 19, 2009

How to sign up



Read everything. Twice. Thanks! :-)

-You must love coffee and be a knitter/crocheter, or course!

-This is an international swap, so be sure to let me know if you are NOT willing to ship internationally so I can pair you accordingly.

-A blog will be required for this round, with a minimum of 10 posts and an average of 2 posts per month. It makes it much easier for your pal to get to know you and it just makes it more fun. (Exception: if you have been a successful swapper on KCS before you may sign up w/out a blog).

-The box should value around $40 (not including postage) and at the minimum it must include:

-coffee! (about a pound, and we’re talking the good stuff here! No Sanka.
-1-2 skeins of yarn, enough for a small project such as a hat, socks, a scarf, etc.
-treats to go with the coffee

Other things you could include might be a mug or travel mug, coffee accessories, knitting accessories, recipes...get creative! I've provided a few links on the side to get you started.

-This is not a secret swap. You will know your pal and your pal will know you.

-Please do not sign up unless you absolutely, positively know you will not flake on your pal and that you are going to put together a brilliant package. If you do flake, you’ll be barred from any future swaps and disappoint all of us, oh so very much!

-If you're under 18 please have your parents permission to do the swap.

-Sign ups will be open January 21st at 6pm Central, to the first 50 people who sign up. Sign ups will close as soon as we reach 50 or by Sunday, January 25th at 6pm. I will announce on this blog when we are closed. Pals will be matched by January 28th , and you will have three weeks to get your package put together and shipped. All packages should be mailed by February 18th . (International? Plan ahead!)

Interested? To sign up, email the following info to me at: coffeeswap AT yahoo DOT com

Blog Address:
Any important allergies or things you want your pal to know?
Will you take an international pal?
Can you be an angel/half angel if we have someone flake??

Please, you must complete all the questions to be placed in the swap. Don't try to sneak in early or you'll be skipped!

Your confirmation will be the Blogger invite to this blog. Please be sure to accept the invitation and then post to the Knitters' Coffee Swap blog. If you don't accept and introduce yourself within three days we will give your spot to another knitter.* Use the blog to introduce yourself and to share your package with us when you receive it. Also feel free to post coffee links, recipes, ideas, your latest project, or whatever is your fancy.

You will be grouped with a hostess and matched up by the 28th. When you are matched up, we will provide questions to help you put together the best package for your swap pal. Be sure to check your bulk mail boxes in case your partner information gets stuck in there. You must e-mail your partner within three days as well, or again, you will be dropped and replaced.*

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. There will be contests and I'd love suggestions and prize donations. We also could use a new button.

Thanks and have fun!!!

**Sorry for all the "you'd better or we'll drop you" stuff, but after running three swaps I've learned that the biggest headache comes from the the non-responders. The other big headache comes from the swappers who don't read directions (twice folks, read twice!!). And one more giant headache comes from the people who think that this swap is my full time job and forget that I have three small boys and a part time job, and then get all pissy with me when I don't reply within 5 minutes. PLEASE, I love swaps, but the KCSIII was not as much fun because of the above reasons. Reply, read twice, be gentle and we'll all have fun, okay?? :-)

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emicat said...

oh YEAH! I was wondering when the next one was.. Hope I get in!!! :)